[Pierce Brosnan, Dreams of Steele]

Remington Steele
Season Three

Third Season

Steele At It
Laura accompanies Remington to Southern France in hopes to explore the personal side of their relationship, but Steele has other plans.

Lofty Steele
Someone wants Laura to move out of her loft apartment.

Maltese Steele
Laura and Remington search for a missing Maltese corpse and chase pieces of an ancient cross while Mildred discovers a Mediterranean romance can be a dangerous proposition.

2nd Base Steele
A baseball reunion hides a motive for murder.

Blue Blooded Steele
Remington and Daniel Charlmers head to London so Steele can prove he's not heir to a Duke's fortune.

Steele Your Heart Away
Steele finds himself on the streets of Ireland with no wallet, no identification and no memory--just a musical pocket watch.

A Pocketfull of Steele
Steele befriends a troubled teenaged pickpocket

Puzzled Steele
A client hires the agency for an elaborate cat and mouse game, but Laura is not amused.

Cast in Steele
Someone wants a cast of stars out of the picture. Lloyd Nolan co-stars.

Breath of Steele
John Laroquette stars as a would-be killer that shoots a dead man.

Let's Steele a Plot

Gourmet Steele
Laura and Remington sink their teeth into the unexplained disappearance of a restaurant critic.

Stronger Than Steele
Laura rushes help her childhood hero (Atomic Man) fight a murder charge.

Have I got a Steele for You
A woman suspects fraud when she learns of her husband's substantial investment in a new doll.

Springtime for Steele
A Texas tycoon joins Laura and Remington search for the characters who want to stop a singer's (Rocky Sullivan) rise to stardom.

Steele in the Family
Mildred's nephew helps a hooker (Clarissa) move a slain executives body into Remington's apartment.

Diced Steele
Laura and Remington travel to Las Vegas, recover stolen gems and battle a suspicious insurance agent (James Tolkan as Norman Keyes) in the process.

Now You Steele it, Now You Don't
Laura is hired by an antique dealer to catch a kleptomaniac. However when the thief's alleged lover turns up dead, neither client or suspect can be found to corroborate her story.

Illustrated Steele
When comic book perils suddenly match his own life, an artist seeks Steele's help to find out why.

Steele in the Chips
A brand new, no-calorie chocolate chip cookie prototype is the subject of a bizarre game of chase for Laura and Remington. (co-written by Stephanie Zimbalist)

Steele Trying
Steele takes Laura for a romantic tryst in San Francisco, but winds up solving a murder mystery instead.

Steele of Approval
Laura and Remington risk both the agency and their relationship to complete the background check on a political hopeful.

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