Remington Steele
Season One

First Year

License to Steele
Remington Steele Investigations is hired to protect a shipment of rare jewels (Royal Lavulite), but there's a hitch-- the client wants Steele to personally oversee the operation, but until now, he doesn't exist.

Tempered Steele
Steele Investigations faces a lawsuit when the foolproof alarm system Remington installs fails to protect the documents it was created to.

Steele Waters Run Deep
The president of a video game company hires Steele Investigations to find a partner who absconded with 5 million. Peter Scolari co-stars.

Signed Steeled and Delivered
A desperate CIA agent (Thom Bray) asks Laura and Remington for help when it appears his colleagues have him marked for murder.

Thou Shalt Not Steele
An old flame (Cassandra Harris as Felicia) engages Remington's help stealing a painting with a deadly curse (the Five Nudes of Cairo).

Steele Belted
Steele stakes the agency reputation on clearing an ex-con accused of murder.

Etched in Steele
Remington and Laura solve the mystery of a man who tumbles from a 32nd floor balcony after reading his wife's latest romance novel.

You're Steele the One for Me
A hit and run accident takes Laura and Remington on a bizarre search into the Chinese underworld.

In the Steele of the Night
A detective's reunion takes Murphy, Laura and Steele on a search for a murderer among them.

Steele Trap
When their client commits suicide, Steele assumes his identity and travels to a remote island with Laura to solve the mystery.

Steeling the Show
A 'B' movie actress known for death scenes, fears someone is staging her final curtain.

Steele Flying High

Steele suspects fowl play after finding the most noble of birds has the most un-noble allies.

A Good Night's Steele
Steele feigns a nagging sleep disorder to catch a killer on the prowl.
Here's more information about sleep disorders.

Hearts of Steele
Remington and Laura go undercover to help a divorce attorney who thinks the spouse of a former client is out to kill him

To Stop a Steele
Steele becomes suspicious when Laura and Murphy pursue a case without him.

Steele Crazy After All these Years
A college reunion ends in a trail of death that spans over 20 years. Annie Potts and Sharon Stone co-star.

Steele Among the Living

Steele in the News
A TV station hires Laura and Remington to discover who is threatening a Happy Talk News anchor.

Vintage Steele
Laura's ex-beau seeks her help after an elusive corpse is found floating in a winery vat.

Steele's Gold
The theft of a gold prospector's notebook at a costume party leads to a frantic, murderous treasure hunt through the desert.

Sting of Steele
A visiting friend (Efrim Zimbalist, Jr. as Daniel Charlmers) hopes to involve Steele in a ploy to outwit a gambler out to kill him.

Steele in Circulation
A federal reserve banker decides to end it all after losing 2.6 million dollars.

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